What is Feasibility Study

Posted by Cinopa on Aug 28, 2017

It is the very first step to be done with a business idea.

Through the feasibility studies, the business idea is studied in detail. The study will lead to a decision about the viability of the business idea. So the feasibility studies can be described as the analysis of the viability of an idea through disciplined and documented process.

A report of feasibility studies discusses the strength and weakness of the business idea and the opportunities and threats waiting in its market.

Predominantly the feasibility checked in the following 5 areas:- Technical, Economic, Legal, Operational and Schedule. Used to say the acronym TELOS. As the names imply, TELOS goes through various parts of the business.

A feasibility study report will be included,

At the end of each feasibility report, the following questions are to be answered.

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