Responsibilities of an HR

Posted by Cinopa on Aug 29, 2017

Human Resource is the department that managing problems associated with employees. The services of an HR manager include administration, recruitment and termination, job analysis, and overall staff management.

HR management is an essential part of any business venture. As the name implies, it is the management of Human resources. The ultimate aim is to maximize the performance of the employees. Simply, the overall control of a company is lying under this department.

HR managing consists

Administration part of an HR management includes data maintenance, risk and compliance management.

Recruitment and termination, as it says recruiting staffs to a firm and terminating employees are under this department. Calling for vacant posts, conducting interviews, selection process, offer letter composition, termination notice, agreement maintenance etc. are under this section.

Job analysis is one of the most important practices carried out by human resources. HR examines job content, duties and responsibilities given by the operational heads carefully, and ensures that they are relevant to the real work performed. HR Analyzing the works of staffs, efficiency, controlling their work time, leave, etc.

Employee Relationship is about making positive attitudes in staff relations, training programs, performance reviews, employee satisfaction queries, etc. included in this section.

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