How to create a brand voice

Posted by Cinopa on Apr 27, 2017

Brand voice is the purposeful, consistent expression of a brand through words and prose styles that engage and motivate. Here are few tips how to create an efficient brand voice.

1. Describe your brand voice in three words

Choose three words that capture the personality of the voice you want for your brand. Then limit those words with three more words. Here’s an example:

2. Review the tone of your competitors

What’s the tone of your competitors? The attitude? Are you going to copy them? Or distinguish yourself?

3. Listen to your customers

Before you write, make sure you listen. How do your customers communicate? Are they formal and precise? Or casual and conversational? “Listen” is an accurate verb here. Paying close attention to your brand voice can help you get it right. Your goal is to build brand affinity by using the diction and sentence structure that’s appealing to your audience and authentic to your offering.

Keep reviewing

Keep checking that the tone is relevant. Organizations change, perhaps not overnight, but over time; so, if your culture changes, then maybe the tone has to be adapted, too.

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